The Advantages of Using Cloud to Store Your Digital Files

Almost two decades ago, physical devices used to be the most popular way to back up data, but not anymore. People have today moved most of their digital files to the cloud. This new technology offers more capabilities and convenience than physical systems.

Using the cloud comes with many benefits which include the following:

1. Can Be Used By Anyone
The versatility the cloud offers is impressive. Anyone can use the service regardless of their storage needs. From multi-million businesses, small startups, to individuals, everyone is accommodated.

2. Ease of Access
Because accessing cloud services doesn’t require a physical connection, you can do so from anywhere. You can also use any device, provided it’s capable of connecting to the internet. It eliminates the need to carry with you physical storage devices when on the go.

3. Faster Updates and Upgrades
Whenever you need it, your service provider can update your systems to suit your needs. It relieves you of the work involved and hastens the process. However, it depends on whether you’ve paid for the service or not.

4. Applications Integrate Seamlessly
The cloud features a technology that syncs your programs across all of your devices. As a result, you do not need to tailor every new application you introduce in your systems to connect to the cloud.

Using Physical Storage to Cushion Yourself From the Inconsistencies of the Cloud

Cloud storage, though more versatile and convenient, comes with risks. You can protect yourself by using physical data backup for your sensitive data. Doing so offers the following benefits.

1. No downtimes
The internet can experience downtimes just when you need to access your cloud files. Not so with physical storage. You’re assured of access whenever you want, even when the internet connection is down to zero.

2. Data Remains Safe
The systems you use are offline and within the company premises. Therefore, you need not worry about data theft through cyber attacks. You access the data offline, too, without the risk that anyone may intercept your connection wirelessly.

3. Higher Transfer Times
Because you do not depend on the internet-which can be slow at times-retrieval speeds are fast. It can be a matter of seconds to locate a file, depending on the transfer speed of your device ports and connections.

Diagram showing overview of cloud computing

The Disadvantages of Physical Data Storage Systems

Despite the merits of using physical devices to back up your files, it has its shortcomings. These are the shortcomings that make people prefer cloud storage. The disadvantages include the following.

1. Limited Storage

Unless you buy additional units, the capacity of your system remains constant. You have no option to upgrade it, as can be the case with the cloud storage. It makes physical storage less flexible to suit needs that arise without warning.

2. Increased Risk of Data Loss

Storing your digital files within your company premises poses the risk of losing everything. Should something happen to the equipment, such as damage by natural calamities, you stand to recover nothing. The systems can also get corrupted and data destroyed beyond recovery.

3. Physical Systems are Costly

The hardware and software you would need for large-scale data storage can cost a fortune. Also, you would need more staff to maintain the equipment. On top of this would come the additional power bill to pay. Or it can be a situation when you want to migrate your data centre. During such instances, server relocation services would add to the storage costs of your digital files.

Breakdown of Cloud Computing Services

Whether you use physical devices or cloud to back your data depends on your business needs. People prefer cloud for the unlimited storage it offers. Still, some will prefer cloud for the ease of access and the low costs involved.

Because business needs are diverse, you may prefer physical storage for the confidentiality it assures you. You may feel that some client information is too sensitive to have a third party take care of. Also, you may want to avoid the woes of internet downtime that may happen when using the cloud for your data. Downtime can cost you a lot if it occurs within the operational hours of your business.

While cloud storage comes with more advantages, your needs may dictate that you use physical backup systems for various reasons. Whatever storage you choose, you need to be aware of its merits and demerits. Only then would you be in a position to make the right decision.

How To Improve Your Website Page Load Speed

Today, owning a website has become a normal practice, especially among businesses. However, the effectiveness of a website in enhancing your business operation fully depends on how efficient the website when it comes to user interaction. Website load speed is one of the essential components of a wonderful website since it not only save the time it takes to navigate around but also motivates the user to want to learn more about a company. This article will, therefore, take you through a few tips on how to improve the loading speed of a website.

1. Optimize Images and Videos.

The pictures and the video are one of the major causes of low website loading speed. Ideally, what causes your website to take longer to load is because of the data that has to be downloaded in order for the page to open. Therefore, if your website happens to have images or videos which are or big size, it means that more time will be needed for all the data on those items to be downloaded first. So what are some of the remedies you may consider in such a scenario?

Reduce the size of such media: There are two primary options that you can consider in reducing the size of the media; first, you can resize the image to only capture the primary details that you want to pass across. Also, thanks to the technology, we now have applications that you can use to edit and reduce the size without interfering with the quality.

Always consider JPG image format: This one of the simplest picture formats which apart from being of high quality, it also does not consume so much memory. Therefore, for the sake of your website efficiency, always consider for JPG format where possible.

Compress all the photos: Compressing your website picture has also proven to be an effective tool in enhancing website loading speed since compressed pictures are known to save a lot of space compared to single images which in some instances, even after resizing, their files may be of larger size than the photo itself.

Compress the video: Videos, especial those that are of high definition can be of very big size; however, with the help of applications like handbrake, you can conveniently compress all such videos without interfering with their integrity and significantly boost your website loading speed.

Reduce the number of assets: Apart from the size, the number of such items may also substantially affect the loading speed of the website. You may, therefore, need to assess the impact of some of those images and the features that you have installed to run them. Only add those important pictures or videos that capture the message to the later. Also, some features like slideshows, background videos may be adding to the user appeal but on the other hand affecting the efficiency of the website, you should eliminate such items.

2. Page caching

Sometimes it’s not always about the items that are on your websites, but what plugin that may come in handy in improving your website loading speed. Page speed is one of those important plugins that will help improve the loading speed of website by avoiding the queries to a website database that may consume a lot of time. One of the most popular page speed plugins that you can consider is the W3 total cache which a lot of web owners use today.

The Development of Hybrid Mobile App

The world runs today on different applications as they give the users the easiest solution to get over the complications of everyday work. The mobile applications assist its users at every step of their life to give them the ease to perform their work with efficiency and the hybrid mobile app development will be the face of the future. It will be loved by large masses as the preferences of the platform will be elevated to ensure it works for upgraded performance systems that will make more companies as well as the app developers popular. As the technology is making innovative developments, it will give birth to applications that have more speed, improved performance and good graphics. As the hybrid apps have a promising future, as it will assist people from different walks of lives ranging from the owner of a startup company to a software developer. This article will shed light on the important points that will give you an in-depth knowledge of

  • The development of mobile application
  • The development of hybrid mobile application
  • The promising future hybrid app development.

Mobile Application Development

While designing a mobile application, a basic understanding of mobile app development is obligatory. Mobile app development is a term that describes the process that assist in development of mobile applications that are used in the mobile devices. When new software developments are made there are a number of factors to be considered closely like

  • The multitude of screen sizes
  • The hardware specifications
  • Configurations of the mobile software after each update
  • Changes within each platform.

Basically the different types of mobile app development options consists of native apps, web based apps, and hybrid apps. In this article the main focus is given on the hybrid applications that are developed by the iOS app development agency. Hybrid mobile apps are generally a mix of native apps and the concepts from mobile apps used in the web. But they are not completely native, though they may contain native code. The native code consists of a JavaScript API provided by a framework that ensures the JavaScript code in the application has the expertise to perform added functionality. The appearance of a hybrid mobile application do not differ much from a native application as they both are executed and closed out in the same way. As opposed to the web apps, which requires the browser on the web for access, the hybrid apps need no connection to the internet for its access.

The Development of Hybrid Mobile App

This offers many benefits for organizations and its developers as it allows you to reuse code across platforms. While the same code (Java Script) is used on both platforms, the differences of each platforms are taken care by the framework or the library. This give you the freedom to use an emulation framework to build as well as debug the apps logic and Interface. This will assist the iOS app development agency in lowering the development cost, which depends on the required tools for app development for the targeted platforms.

While you can use the web code of hybrid mobile instantly, the native apps needs re-submission and recompilation in the network. The native apps are developed by the JavaScript that is more familiar to developers when compared to the iOS development tools used in hybrid apps, which tend to be more specialized. The important advantage of developing hybrid apps is that, extra functionalities are available that assists in implementing extra functionality to your app. This is done by creating native plug-in parts that make up the essential supporting framework to perform a native task. As the hybrid mobile app contains HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code the internet is not required to execute it. As the hybrid mobile app leverages a device’s web browser to display HTML pages by running inside the native style app, you can use the JavaScript API. This allows you to access device like camera, location services, and accelerometer data that are accessed through a JavaScript API.

The Future of Hybrid Development

The development of hybrid application will continue to grow, becoming an increasingly important viable platform for app developers in the future. It will become mandatory for the hybrid application development to have native tweaks and the importance of hybrid apps will further be realized by iOS app development agency in the future, as they help the market shares to increase. In the future the hybrid app development provide a performance level that is currently available only on high performance apps. With the future hybrid development apps, you will have the benefits of using current hybrid mobile app features with increased power of processing and graphics that was not possible before.

Skype for Coding Test Interviews

Conducting remote technical interviews required the candidates to keep flipping between the video call, chatting and the testing platforms such as Coderpad, Codility, etc. Skype has changed the situation by introducing a new code editor integrated into their calling platform. The code editor is developed by Microsoft and it supports many programming languages, such as C, C#, C++, Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript. The video chat is laid on top of the code editor and interviewer can switch between the languages.

Employers have been using Skype for a long time for conducting interviews and other Business purposes. This new feature will further enhance the Business utility of the app many times.

Skype Coding Editor’s Features

– Real-time Evaluation

Live code execution allows the candidates to run their code in real-time and get evaluated.

– In-browser Group Call

Interviewers can give instructions to the candidates and provide feedback while conducting interviews.

– Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting supports 13 programming languages. It helps candidates from making syntactic mistakes and saves time for interviewers and candidates as well.

– In-browser Support

Interviewers and candidates can use this feature through Skype’s web app using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

What Do You Need To Conduct A Technical Interview On Skype?

You just need to visit, click ‘Start Interview‘ and you will get a unique link to share with the interviewee. You can send the link via email, instant message or any medium that you prefer. It works on the browsers that have English set as a default language. You don’t need to install any app or software for this feature to work.

Once the candidate receives the link and clicks it, he can continue after signing in or join as a guest after providing his name. It is not mandatory for the candidate to have a Skype account before using this feature.

How To Use Skype Coding Editor For A Remote Technical Interview?

After the interviewer clicks ‘Start Interview’ and the participant clicks the unique link sent to him, the interview begins. The interviewer can switch between the languages by clicking the button on left side of the screen. He does not need separate interviewing sessions to test the candidate’s knowledge in different programming languages.

When he clicks ‘Start Video Interview’, a video call window opens on top of the code editor. The interviewer can provide instructions through the video chat. The interviewer can assess the code in real-time and ask questions related to the code through the video chat.

To Sum Up

Hiring talented programmers online does not have to be a painful process. Interviewers and candidates don’t need to shuffle between the coding platform and video chat throughout the interview. It defeats the purposes, wastes time and makes conducting technical interviews online a big pain. Skype has come up with the solution to make the process of conducting technical interviews online a breeze.

Skype offers the code editor with an inbuilt video chat option which removes the hassle of flipping between the chat, video call, and coding test interview. Using the interviews feature offered by Skype, recruiter and the candidate can focus on the interview.

Black Friday Deals

All year, the businessmen desperately wait for the deals arrival for the Black Friday eves. The retailers End up making thousands of dollars on this day but the question remains is the whole fiesta worth it? Have you ever wondered for how come a company offer such impossible deals on just one eve. Though some do and they are realistic as well but in other cases, most of the people end up making wrong choices.

I remember a friend who went for the Fatcow hosting discounts last year at Black Friday. They had some amazing deals in their baggage but after a point of buying them, the real issue began and he realised that going for the mouth-watering deal at that point was of no use.

Hence it is important that while you buy a hosting for yourself, you have a perfect checklist with you to take care of all. No wonder the companies offer some amazingly ground breaking deals that day but it is indispensable to take care of the quality part as well.

I have been fortunate enough to stick to BlueHost and I have never regretted that decision by far. BlueHost has made sure that they offer cheaper and effective costing to its customer base and on Black Friday, it goes all the way more better.

So, as experts of the field, I’d definitely recommend BlueHost where they are offering as much as £3.95 and £2.95. So hurry and grab the offer.

Linux Hosting With Bluehost

Web hosting service authorizes an individual to make their website available on the World Wide Web to let people across the world access it. This service provides counted space on the server, bandwidth etc. so as to be used by the clients. Also internet connectivity to data centers is provided. Bluehost is one of the companies which provide internet hosting solutions.

In this article we will discuss about the Linux shared web hosting of Bluehost, to see what different features it provides than its competitors.

Shared web hosting service is referred as web hosting service where many websites collectively belong to one web server connected to the Internet. This is generally the most common and economical option for hosting. Linux shared hosting provide a Linux platform for web hosting. Bluehost promises a robust Linux shared hosting service in addition to its rich features, which makes it more popular.

Linux Hosting Features

This shared hosting package under Bluehost has many powerful features to offer to its customers. Linux hosting has Control panel which is world’s leading control panel, it makes navigation, management of web pages so easy.

The Linux hosting largely supports the following.

  • Apache 2.2x.
  • MySQL 5 for database
  • Ruby On Rails
  • PHP 5.3x and 5.4x, Perl, Python, GD, cURL, CGI, mcrypt programming scripts

The hosting package has high security features in built like password protected directories, secure FTP access, IP blocking etc. E-commerce optimizations are also available like shopping cart, add on dedicated IP.

Linux Hosting Server performance

Like Windows hosting package, these are also built onto a durable infrastructure, with dual quad-core Xeon powered servers and state of art data centers.

The server specifications include the following which is similar to what windows hosting offer.

  • Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xeon quad core processors
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 250 GB RAID 1 (mirrored) OS drive
  • 1 TB RAID 1 (mirrored) customer data drive cached
  • RAID controller for all drives
  • Redundant Power
  • Fire-Detection Systems

The reliable support is given through 99.9 % uptime guarantee.

Linux Hosting on Customer Support

The speedy and fast customer support is what they provide, ready to help 24x7x365. Their team members comprise of intelligent engineers which will help the customer with their queries. Customers can reach out for help through email, toll free phone or live chat.


With that quality hosting service and rich features, Linux hosting of Bluehost is proving its worth in the market of hosting industry. Hence we give readers a strong recommendation to go for it and enjoy a good hosting experience.

Why should you choose iPage Hosting?

In today’s scenarios, websites are going online every minute, thus good hosting service is the primary requirement. But what does this service actually offer? Web hosting service provides access to the individuals to make their website accessible through World Wide Web to the people around the globe.

These services majorly provide disk storage, bandwidth and internet connectivity to the data centers. In the market, the competition between various web hosting companies has evolved. Among them, one of the most famous web hosting provider is iPage. Further, in this article, we will analyze the performance of iPage in the industry of web hosting.

iPage has been established for more than 10 years, but it was not so popular until it re- launched itself in October 2009. Now it is one of the top ranked web hosting providers. iPage is owned and controlled by the reputed Endurance International Group. This is the general introduction of iPage but the question is what makes it better than the rest? Read further to know the answers.

iPage: The cheapest hosting service

When it comes to getting an affordable cost for the basic hosting plan, nobody can beat iPage. They offer their regular plan in just £1.99 per month. This price can be lowered some more by the heavy discounts given by the company. iPage is very protective with their customer policies. Unlike other hosting brands who offer 30 to 45 days money back guarantee, iPage offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee.
They also offer £100 Google marketing credits and £100 Yahoo and Bing Advertising credits.

iPage : The rich featured hosting service

iPage hosting solutions are richly featured.

  • Free domain registration is the first key feature.
  • They offer unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and FTP accounts.
  • iPage have a design suite which includes website and blog building tools, a photo gallery, and template – based site builder.
  • Regarding security, iPage offers free site lock, daily malware & spam scan.
  • The e-commerce features comprising, SSL support, shopping cart and a dedicated IP.
  • You also get 1GB free cloud storage sponsored by JustCloud.

It has got all the features you would require from a webhost at such an affordable price.

iPage : The performance of hosting service

The server support and maintenance is carried out by the company itself iPage keeps itself up to date hence it’s servers undergo frequent upgrades which in turn increase their performance and life.

iPage guarantees an uptime of 99.98% which is fast, in general terms of speed and prevents lagging in page loading.

iPage: The customer support of hosting service

Customer satisfaction is really necessary for reviews of a service provided to them. Hence to take care of their customers, iPage has 24×7 technical support help line. The customers can get their issues resolved via toll free phone, live chat or via emails. They also have tutorials and FAQs for online help. The call waiting time in the toll free call is just two minutes which is far less than the other brands. U.S based phone agents of iPage are knowledgeable and answer every question of the customer patiently.


Unlike other hosting brands, iPage has out shown itself in terms of affordability. Their customer support is what is backing them up. Thus, we recommend iPage to the readers as it is easy to handle and also is easy on your pocket. Happy Hosting folks!

Windows Hosting With Bluehost

Web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service which lets an individual to host their website on the World Wide Web. It provides space on the server, which is owned by the clients. Also internet connectivity to data centers is provided. Bluehost is one of such companies which provide internet hosting services to the individuals for hosting blogs or websites for small businesses.

Bluehost has been providing quality web hosting services to individual, since 1996. Bluehost is ranked among the Top 20 web hosting service providers. It comes under reputed Endurance International Group. Bluehost’s fame goes to their shared hosting packages, which are build according to the suitability of the people, with best value prices. Hence making them a winner in the market for supplying their matured technology, complete solution, quality hosting at affordable prices. Today in this article we are going to analyze the key features of windows shared hosting of Bluehost.

Shared web hosting service has a reference to those web hosting service where many websites occupy one single web server connected with Internet. It is one of the most economical option for hosting. Windows shared hosting provide a windows platform for web hosting. Bluehost promise a powerful Windows shared hosting service in addition to its extravagant features, which makes it more popular.

Windows Hosting Affordability

In general day to day life, cost is the utmost concern when making a purchase. So to provide ease to their customer’s pocket Windows hosting at Bluehost provide many different hosting plans to choose from. The present day offer on Bluehost website is going for basic plan (in Rs.359). Other plans namely Standard, Business and Pro have their prices Rs.399, Rs.499 and Rs.649 per month respectively. The plans as you can see vary on price, thus they do on features provided under them. With increasing price, features are also increased in quantity or some new ones are added. They also have money back policy if the customer feels unsatisfied with hosting performance.

Windows Hosting Features

This shared hosting package under Bluehost has many powerful features to offer. Windows hosting has Plesk panel which is world’s leading control panel, it makes navigation, managing web pages so easy.

The hosting package has high security features in built like password protected directories, secure FTP access, IP blocking etc.E-commerce optimizations are also available like shopping cart, add on dedicated IP.

The windows hosting largely supports the following

  • Windows Server 2008
  • IIS 7.0, ASP.NET 4.5, PHP 5.2x and PHP 5.3x, cURL, CGI programming languages.
  • MySQL 5 and MSSQL for database support

Also various advanced email hosting options are available.

Windows Hosting Server performance

These are built onto a robust infrastructure, with State-of-the-art data centers, dual quad-core Xeon powered servers and redundant scalable servers.

The server specifications include the following-

  • Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xeon quad core processors
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 250 GB RAID 1 (mirrored) OS drive
  • 1 TB RAID 1 (mirrored) customer data drive cached
  • RAID controller for all drives
  • Redundant Power
  • Fire-Detection Systems

The reliable support is given through 99.9 % uptime guarantee.

Windows Hosting on Customer Support

Their superb customer support in always at your side, ready to help 24x7x365. They comprise of intelligent engineers in their technical team which will help the customer with their queries. Customers can reach out for the support through email, toll free phone or live chat.


All in all with the quality hosting service and rich features, windows hosting of Bluehost is proving its worth in the market step by step. Hence we give readers a strong recommendation to go for it and try the upcoming technology.