How to Install WordPress at Bluehost Hosting

In this article, readers can refer to the process/ steps for installation of WordPress over Bluehost hosting service provider. These steps will make user experience easy and smooth. Bluehost provide some programs which make it easier to install third party scripts in your hosting account. MOJO Marketplace is one of these which will help in installing WordPress to the root of the site or to a sub-directory. The installation steps are as follows:

  1. Log in to the cPanel of Bluehost.
  2. Here, scroll down to the MOJO Marketplace section inside the cPanel.

 Install wordpress1

  1. Click on the one-click installs icon as displayed in the image above.
  2. Now, choose WordPress from the Blog section.

Install wordpress2

  1. As we select the WordPress icon as done in the image above, a new window appears asking to start a fresh installation or choose the second option of importing an existing installation.

Install wordpress3

  1. Click on the start button to shoot up the processing.
  2. After this, a new window opens up which asks to confirm the domain name you want WordPress to be installed on.

Install wordpress4

As shown in the picture above, the drop down list appears with all the domains you own, you can select the one where you want to install WordPress. The blank field shown next to the domain name is for you to enter the subfolder such as a blog, or you can leave it blank if you wish that site’s main page remains as a blog.

  1. An option is given to make a change in email address, username and password for the newly installed WordPress. Click on the advanced option button so as to get allowance to change these settings.
  2. Read out the license and service agreement, and check the box which says that you agree with the agreement.
  3. Finally select the Install Now button.

Install wordpress5

Hence after successful installation of WordPress on your hosting account. You are ready to start up with your new blog and website construction. Happy WordPress Hosting.!