Bluehost vs. iPage Comparison

Web hosting services lets a user host his website and make it available through to the world. Web hosting service providers allocate users some space on the server which can be used by them. Web hosting services are of various kinds, if personal web pages are to be hosted then single page hosting is sufficient.

While a more complicated package has a complex website, which includes database support and many app development platforms. In this article, we will establish a comparison between two popular web hosting companies Bluehost and iPage based on the criterion of their features, pricing, technical support etc. Through this article, readers will get information about each company so as to make a better choice.


Bluehost and iPage, both are well- known hosting companies which provide the most affordable web hosting in the hosting industry. Both of them aim to bring clients with appreciable benefits which makes it harder to decide which company has an upper edge. So to rule out all the confusion, we have shown a brief comparison between Bluehost and iPage; the basis being features, customer support, speed and uptime.

Bluehost vs. iPage on Price

Price is the utmost consideration for any individual when choosing a web hosting service. Bluehost gives webmasters its basic package at available at $5.95 per month (for one year term).This basic plan gets reduced when going for two year term, costing $4.95 per month. Bluehost also provides discount of 75% which reduce the price further, hence making it approximately equal to $1.99 per month of iPage.

Both the firms guarantee Anytime Money Back so as to keep their customer’s policy safe. Also both of them accept the mode of payment in credit card as well as PayPal. Both of them offer $100 Google marketing credits.

Below is shown the cost data of both the companies on the basis of yearly terms (the discount is not counted with these figures).


Speed and Uptime

Bluehost is known to have offered services in the hosting industry since 1996, whereas iPage is a new player in this field with much less experience than the former. Bluehost is primarily based on Linux hosting solutions, and is famous for their reliable and secure service throughout the world. They host over 3 million domains worldwide. Bluehost has 3 of its data centers, all the three are located in Provo, UT. Talking about iPage it is powered up by wind energy. They have their two data centers situated in Boston, MA area.

When it comes to speed Bluehost is far better than iPage. Even though both the companies utilize Tier-4 world-class datacenter, Bluehost is equipped with more powerful web servers. To ensure better security, speed and handle more web server, Bluehost enhances existing Centos Linux to

  • Improve the performance of file writing and back up
  • Optimizing the performance of MySQL
  • Monitoring CPU of each account to avoid server crashes.

Also WordPress performance of Bluehost is 20% faster than iPage in most locations.


Bluehost is high quality web hosting for small business and of course it is richly featured. It provides free domains, unlimited domain hosting, scripts like PHP5.2.x and most importantly Python and RoR scripts, the database other than MYSQL which is supported is PostgreSQL. Bluehost have their user-friendly control panel as cPanel, which enables easy navigation throughout the website. Bluehost offers their customers Free CDN service too. Whereas talking about iPage it has similar features as that of Bluehost, but it doesn’t include scripts like ROR and Python. Also no CDN service is provided to the iPage customer. iPage has vDesk as their control panel which is much hard to learn and devoid the user of smooth navigation and user – friendly environment. Here is the brief chart of the features provided in both the firms, so as to differentiate more clearly.


Also, here is the screenshot of Bluehost cPanel

features of bluehost cpanel

And, a screenshot of iPage’s vDeck


Technical assistance

Customer satisfaction is really necessary and important criterion for any organization’s performance evaluation. Both the firms are available for their customers 24×7. Both companies offer their customers with live chat, toll free phone call, email tickets. They also have tutorials, FAQs and knowledge bases for any online help. Both have 100% Us- based engineers in their customer support team.

When taking the skills of engineers into consideration, the Bluehost engineers are more knowledgeable and patient. A review says that most of the question asked were answered satisfactorily by Bluehost rather than iPage which caused was a certain disappointment.

The call waiting time for Bluehost is 30 seconds where as in iPage it takes about two minutes of call hold.


According to the above comparison both companies give each other a tough fight. According to a review iPage is said to be cost effective and reliable whereas Bluehost has responsive technical support, faster hosting and great features. However we recommend you Bluehost which is more affordable (according to the service it gives) and allows easier navigation through its plans and offers. It has received higher ratings and has bagged many hosting industry awards. If you plan to host a business-related website or you plan to make blog business-related in the future, then Bluehost is better than iPage as it is faster which as a result will bring better experience to the visitors. Thus, Bluehost is our first choice to individual bloggers and small businesses.