Bluehost vs. DreamHost Comparison

Web hosting services specialize in providing platform to the user who wants to make his websites online and accessible to people in any corner of the world. There are many organizations in the field of web hosting solutions like, Bluehost, JustHost, iPage, DreamHost etc. These services allot space on the web server which is owned and utilized by the client/customer when he or she needs to host his or her website.

The main data centers are linked through internet connectivity with the user. The web services are subdivided into, shared web hosting, dictated server. In the present scenario, many firms are available online to provide the users with best hosting solution. In this article we will compare two prominent companies Bluehost and DreamHost on the basis of features, technical support, prices, speed, and uptime. With this at the end of the article, readers will be able to distinguish which of the two are better and suitable for them.


Bluehost and DreamHost are handled by the same administration of Endurance International Group and run the same business style. Being similar in many ways these organizations do have differences in their features, pricing offers, speed, uptime and technical assistance. The chart below shows editorial rating based on the reviews and experiments conducted for months which shows brief of the key factors responsible for the companies’ performance. Now we take a bigger look on the factors mentioned above.


Bluehost is known to offer the two WordPress-friendly hosting plan named Starter and Plus starting at $5.99 and $9.99 per month regularly. Also you get a discount of 40 to 50 % on these plans so as to lower their costs to nearly $3.49 and $3.95 per month. In comparison to the BlueHost, DreamHost is much more expensive.

It has a single plan starting at $8.95 per month which is approximately 130% more expensive than the former one. Bluehost offers flexible yearly terms of 12, 24 or 36 month payment, while DreamHost pricing is only either 12 or 24 months. Both BlueHost and DreamHost allow credit cards of Visa, MasterCard etc. Moreover, BlueHost allows the more secure gateways for easy online payment like PayPal, which is absent with DreamHost.

Both the firms are protective of their customer policies hence easily refund money if any unsatisfied response is found. Bluehost being in the upper edge allows anytime money back guarantee while DreamHost only gives 97 days for refund.

Speed and Uptime

When it comes to performance, this factor is taken into utmost consideration. BlueHost has three dedicated data centers. They are well equipped with over 7,500 Dell branded servers configured with multiple AMD Operton CPUs, 32~64GB DDR3 memory, and San storage. With nationwide stretched fiber connection, the bandwidth exceeds greatly by 15,000 MB. The rough tough infrastructure ensure fast, reliable and high quality hosting experience.

DreamHost has a data center in Los Angeles. The site hosting with DreamHost is faster on a n average than other hosting brands. However, when compared with BlueHost, the DreamHost is still 56% slower. Bluehost is said to be loading a page in 2.4 seconds, whereas for DreamHost the time taken is 4.7 seconds.

The performance comparison for WordPress site hosted with BlueHost and DreamHost, is displayed below.


Both the companies share similar features to an extent. Both provide free domains, unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, email accounts and FTP access. Regarding some features, Bluehost again bags the first position, the list is as below.

Bluehost has a feature of custom CRON jobs.
Bluehost gives an additional database PostgreSQL.
Bluehost has easy and user friendly cPanel as their control panel while DreamHost have their own customized control panel which is hard for users to understand.

The comparison of Bluehost and DreamHost on their features is briefly described in the picture below.

Customer Support

Bluehost never fails to provide 24×7 customer service. You can contact for technical help via toll free telephone, live chat and email as per your convenience. In general cases, the phone holding time is less than 30s, and email response is generated within 15 minutes. BlueHost’s support team has WordPress experts, you can get any type of effective help with knowledgeable and professional staff. Moreover, the online Help Center of BlueHost contains many resources. Video tutorials, user forums and start up guides are freely accessible for nay online help.

Whereas for DreamHost customer support is limited to offline methods only. If you want any kind of help, you have to contact through a toll free phone call or live chat. For advanced customer services you may have to pay an extra amount of $9.95 per month.

The table below shows the customer support facilities available in both the firms.


After seeing the comparison between BlueHost and DreamHost, it is much clear that BlueHost is better than DreamHost for cheap website hosting. Choosing any of the BlueHost plans either the Plus plan (starting at $3.95 per month) or the Starter plan (starting at $3.49 per month), you can truly focus on the content and marketing development by leveraging the professionals.

Thus, we recommend Bluehost which is more affordable and more reliable than DreamHost. Bluehost has been a consistent performer and has bagged many industry awards which proves their commitment. Bluehost holds an upper hand over DreamHost in many areas (as seen above). Hence choose wisely.