Bluehost was established in the year 1996, since then it has been one of the top 20 companies which are providing excellent web hosting services. The web hosting service allows a person to make their website available and accessible to people from all over the world through World Wide Web. Bluehost is owned by Endurance International Group. They have been providing quality hosting solutions over the years at a much affordable price.

Bluehost offers a vast variety of applications to choose from and its one of a kind cPanel (control panel) manages them all. The control panel forms the most powerful base of any website hosting company and Bluehost’s cPanel is the most complete among other competitions. In this article we are going to dig more into the cPanel of Bluehost, so as to make users more aware about it, then they can make use of it in a better way.

Bluehost cPanel’s Interface

Bluehost’s cPanel is designed clean and has a very less loading time. The cPanel is usually the first region where the client goes to manage his or her email accounts, domains, FTP transfers etc. Some of its special interface features are listed below-

Among all the features setting up of database, installing applications and managing security features can also be done through cPanel. The cPanel is thoroughly designed to run on Linux based web hosting platform and thus providing easy and smooth user experience. It is designed for beginners as well as experts. For beginners, it offer smooth way to navigate through all its features, while for advanced users it has features like CRON job management. The sections in the cPanel are made collapsible with drag and drop approach. This particular approach provides an individual more organized environment of work. For the beginners special video and tutorials are constructed in the Preference Section which significantly provide a great help to find their way and simplify the steps of various procedures. BlueHost’s cPanel has a wide range of functional tools for creating and managing websites particularly web pages that are designed for e-commerce purposes. Their cPanel also has partners like the Professional Web Design, Website Templates, Norton, and a shopping cart. Some of the features’ name are SSL Manager, Process Manager, SSH access, page extensions, backup and Network tools etc. The user friendliness, reliability and fast performance makes the cPanel a more appealing technology.

Bluehost cPanel’s Advantages

As Bluehost is the most popular web hosting company in the terms of performance, reliability and speed, their cPanel has also been through many wonderful changes to keep the service up to the mark. Some of the advantages of choosing Bluehost’s cPanel are described below.

Bluehost provide a demo to their cPanel without actually logging in. They do it so as to increase the understandability of the user.
They constantly upgrade their cPanel so as to make sure that the user enjoy more valuable features without an extra cost. They also keep a check on the software upgrades that may compromise the integrity of the system and thus eliminate them.

By giving away a highly interactive platform in the form of cPanel application, they are guaranteeing the users that they will be providing the best services to each and every user’s website.