How To Improve Your Website Page Load Speed

Today, owning a website has become a normal practice, especially among businesses. However, the effectiveness of a website in enhancing your business operation fully depends on how efficient the website when it comes to user interaction. Website load speed is one of the essential components of a wonderful website since it not only save the time it takes to navigate around but also motivates the user to want to learn more about a company. This article will, therefore, take you through a few tips on how to improve the loading speed of a website.

1. Optimize Images and Videos.

The pictures and the video are one of the major causes of low website loading speed. Ideally, what causes your website to take longer to load is because of the data that has to be downloaded in order for the page to open. Therefore, if your website happens to have images or videos which are or big size, it means that more time will be needed for all the data on those items to be downloaded first. So what are some of the remedies you may consider in such a scenario?

Reduce the size of such media: There are two primary options that you can consider in reducing the size of the media; first, you can resize the image to only capture the primary details that you want to pass across. Also, thanks to the technology, we now have applications that you can use to edit and reduce the size without interfering with the quality.

Always consider JPG image format: This one of the simplest picture formats which apart from being of high quality, it also does not consume so much memory. Therefore, for the sake of your website efficiency, always consider for JPG format where possible.

Compress all the photos: Compressing your website picture has also proven to be an effective tool in enhancing website loading speed since compressed pictures are known to save a lot of space compared to single images which in some instances, even after resizing, their files may be of larger size than the photo itself.

Compress the video: Videos, especial those that are of high definition can be of very big size; however, with the help of applications like handbrake, you can conveniently compress all such videos without interfering with their integrity and significantly boost your website loading speed.

Reduce the number of assets: Apart from the size, the number of such items may also substantially affect the loading speed of the website. You may, therefore, need to assess the impact of some of those images and the features that you have installed to run them. Only add those important pictures or videos that capture the message to the later. Also, some features like slideshows, background videos may be adding to the user appeal but on the other hand affecting the efficiency of the website, you should eliminate such items.

2. Page caching

Sometimes it’s not always about the items that are on your websites, but what plugin that may come in handy in improving your website loading speed. Page speed is one of those important plugins that will help improve the loading speed of website by avoiding the queries to a website database that may consume a lot of time. One of the most popular page speed plugins that you can consider is the W3 total cache which a lot of web owners use today.

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