Skype for Coding Test Interviews

Conducting remote technical interviews required the candidates to keep flipping between the video call, chatting and the testing platforms such as Coderpad, Codility, etc. Skype has changed the situation by introducing a new code editor integrated into their calling platform. The code editor is developed by Microsoft and it supports many programming languages, such as C, C#, C++, Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript. The video chat is laid on top of the code editor and interviewer can switch between the languages.

Employers have been using Skype for a long time for conducting interviews and other Business purposes. This new feature will further enhance the Business utility of the app many times.

Skype Coding Editor’s Features

– Real-time Evaluation

Live code execution allows the candidates to run their code in real-time and get evaluated.

– In-browser Group Call

Interviewers can give instructions to the candidates and provide feedback while conducting interviews.

– Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting supports 13 programming languages. It helps candidates from making syntactic mistakes and saves time for interviewers and candidates as well.

– In-browser Support

Interviewers and candidates can use this feature through Skype’s web app using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

What Do You Need To Conduct A Technical Interview On Skype?

You just need to visit, click ‘Start Interview‘ and you will get a unique link to share with the interviewee. You can send the link via email, instant message or any medium that you prefer. It works on the browsers that have English set as a default language. You don’t need to install any app or software for this feature to work.

Once the candidate receives the link and clicks it, he can continue after signing in or join as a guest after providing his name. It is not mandatory for the candidate to have a Skype account before using this feature.

How To Use Skype Coding Editor For A Remote Technical Interview?

After the interviewer clicks ‘Start Interview’ and the participant clicks the unique link sent to him, the interview begins. The interviewer can switch between the languages by clicking the button on left side of the screen. He does not need separate interviewing sessions to test the candidate’s knowledge in different programming languages.

When he clicks ‘Start Video Interview’, a video call window opens on top of the code editor. The interviewer can provide instructions through the video chat. The interviewer can assess the code in real-time and ask questions related to the code through the video chat.

To Sum Up

Hiring talented programmers online does not have to be a painful process. Interviewers and candidates don’t need to shuffle between the coding platform and video chat throughout the interview. It defeats the purposes, wastes time and makes conducting technical interviews online a big pain. Skype has come up with the solution to make the process of conducting technical interviews online a breeze.

Skype offers the code editor with an inbuilt video chat option which removes the hassle of flipping between the chat, video call, and coding test interview. Using the interviews feature offered by Skype, recruiter and the candidate can focus on the interview.

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